Liha Exhibition in Bay Area

(Liha presentation at the US Open)

After a successful Liha event at the U.S. Open in Grand Rapids, Peter Cua is taking the Liha tour through California, with stops at Balboa Park, El Monte, and ending up in the Bay Area. San Francisco is his last stop before heading back to Manila.

The plan is for Peter and fellow Lihador Andy Abad to demonstrate Liha and its rules to us, and then we will all have plenty of time to experience Liha in its true traditional and cultural form.

Peter also has a video that he hopes to show us which assembles a mix of liha topics with rare modern training footage that is sure to interest both classic and modern table tennis players.

If you like hardbat, you'll love Liha!

For questions or directions, please contact me:
Scott Gordon, 916-978-0117,

  • Where: ICC, 1453 N. Milpitas Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035
  • When: 7PM 7/30/2010
  • Who: Peter and Lihador Andy Abad
  • Cost: free of charge

2010 US Open Team ICC Winners

Gold Medal:

  • Tian Meng: U 21 Women's singles
  • Krish Avvari: U 11 Boys singles
  • Chu Isabel: U 2100 Women's singles
  • Zhang Lily: NAC Junior Girls Singles
  • Hsing Ariel: NAC Cadet Girls singles

Silver Medal:
  • Ariel Hsing: U 21 Women's singles
  • Chodri Kunal: U 13 Boys singles
  • Sung Jia Yu (Trinity): U 9 Girls singles
  • Lily Zhang: NAC Women's singles
  • Chodri Kunal: U 11 Boys singles
  • Ariel Hsing: NAC Junior Girls singles
  • Kashyap Anal: U 2600 rating
Bronze Medal:
  • Lily Zhang: U 21 Women's singles
  • Aashay Patel: U 13 Boys singles
  • Lily Zhang: NAC Cadet Girls singles

Jiaqi Zheng

Bay Area player Zheng Jiaqi did very well. She repeated her quarter-final appearance in Women's Singles. Also will play the Women's Doubles in semi-final later today. (Teams with Mai Ge Jie from LA area)

U21 Women's Singles at the 2010 US Open

  • Winner: Maggie Tian
  • Runner-up: Ariel Hsing
  • Semi-finalist: Lily Zhang
They could have played at ICC.:-)

ICC California State Open Videos/Slideshows

Chen Longcan and Xiao Wei Footage