ICC Pre-Nationals Tournament (Dec 3 - 5, 2010)

(Jitendra Gidla - Winner of the last ICC tournament and the only player who won twice)

The registration is officially closed. Unless it is our mistake, no more entries even with a late fee. Once we verify all info in the database, we'll post the draw. Please email me any error ASAP.

  • 229 players - only the 4th largest USATT-sanctioned tournament this year so far. Rajul is very upset about not being able to get 240 as he projected. On the other hand, I'm happy that we have so "few" players so that we can maintain a higher quality tournament.
  • I've been asked many times. So here it is. The defending champion, Jitendra Gidla, won't defend his title because he will be in India for a couple of months. Hope he won't get mad at me by announcing this in public. He will come back with a wife! Congratulations Jitu.
  • Things you can help:
    • Arrive ICC ahead of time for your event. The event time is starting time - as well as default time. You will need to allocate some extra time to park, check in, warmup, changing, and etc... We'll have to default people at match time. Can't afford to wait for late players. It will be like punishing all other players who are punctual.
    • The first thing you arrive at the venue is check in with the control desk. You only have to do it once a day so that we know your presence. If you don't check in, we won't know you've arrived and may default you at the match time by mistake.
    • Two-minute warmup
    • Return the score sheet and clipboard right after you finish the match. You can always chat with your admirers later.:-)
Oh, BTW, we'll have a world-class chopper in the tournament. Wei Wang, the top seed of the tournament and former Chinese team member, was undefeated in the North America Team Championships last week in Baltimore. I heard he competed head-to-head with world top-100 players in the Europe League. Have your camcorder ready!

I'm sure we'll have a fantastic tournament. Free popcorn for everyone while available. Let's have fun this weekend.

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